As an alternative grouting material for the geological repository of long-lived radioactive waste, the “Superfine Spherical silica Grout” (SFSG) material is developed using a fine spherical silica and a fine calcium hydroxide. The developed SFSG material takes an advantage of its smaller particle size distribution (max. ∼1 micron or less) than those of the cementitious materials, and also provides a low alkaline environment so as to reduce unfavorable effects on the long-term performance of geological disposal system. The SFSG is a mixture of the “super fine silica powder”, the superfine calcium hydroxide and additives such as superplasticizer. Presently, the mixture being investigated for grouting materials is focused on water/binder ratio (W/B) of 1.2. Some preliminary laboratory experiments were carried out to characterize its fundamental properties from the viewpoint of practical use for geological disposal, which is required to be equivalent with the conventional cementitious materials in terms of penetrability, strength, pH performance and workability. From a series of experiments, it was concluded that SFSG is expected to become an alternative grouting material for a geological repository.

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