Acidization was studied on a uranium sandstone deposit in Inner Mongolia with low–permeability and heavy calcium cementation. Acid dissolving test indicates that hydrochloric acid, formic acid and mud acid can easily dissolve formation minerals. With proper volumes and concentrations of acids used, the risk of precipitation of reaction products could be minimized. Core flow acidizing trial shows that the acidic fluid systems of hydrochloride acid, formic acid or acetic acid can significantly improve the core permeability. The average permeability has increased by 763 percent for the above three systems. But mud acid didn’t increase the core permeability; on the contrary, it caused formation damage, and led to lowering permeability. In the pilot test, the injection rate has improved by 118 percent for 6 wells. The acid treatment results indicate that a significant production enhancement of wellfields can be achieved by acid stimulation.

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