The two Units of TianWan Nuclear Power Station (phase 1) are in their third fuel cycle operation now. China Nuclear Power Engineering Co., Ltd. (CNPE) has finished the reload design of Unit 1 and the check on Russia’s computation of Unit 2 in the third cycle. From the forth cycle on, the in-core reload design will be given by Chinese part. It is summarized in this paper the problems met and the way to solve them during our design process. We discussed how to retain the related parameters, such as maximum burn-up and power peak factor, in reasonable ranges in the first part. In the last part, four design cases which can be used in cycle 5 for Unit 1 are recommended and evaluated briefly. The first two cases are partly low-leakage schemas; they satisfy the needs of the related restrictions very well. Case 3 is completely a low-leakage schema and case 4 is a long life schema. For case 3 and 4, a few new kind of assemblies, which are different from the present assemblies in uranium enrichment or the numbers of Oxide Gadolinium fuel rods, may be adapt to for better parameters.

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