Qinshan Phase III is the first commercial pressurized heavy water reactor (PHWR) NPP in China, and it uses CANDU-6 design developed by AECL. Based on plant design and operation experience, the event tree analysis model has been developed for both small break LOCA (SB-LOCA) and large break LOCA (LB-LOCA), which is an important aspect of operational Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA). Both SB-LOCA and LB-LOCA event tree analysis have been performed for Qinshan Phase III CANDU-6 PHWR NPP (TQNPC). And the event sequence development and plant damage status (PDS) were provided in the analysis. It reflects actual plant configuration and response under a certain event, and various break type and locations were also considered in the event tree analysis, e.g. Pressure Tube Rupture, Pressure Tube and Calandria Tube Rupture, Feeder Breaks, Pressurizer Relief/Steam Bleed Valves Fail Open, Liquid Relief Valves Fail Open, etc.

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