With the research and development of nuclear power conception engineering and the requirement of structural integrity & durability, mass concrete structure was adopted more frequently in nuclear power construction project engineering. It caused that the construction requirements were more strictly on how to ensure construction quality of mass concrete for the nuclear power project which related to the nuclear safety at the first AP1000 plants in the world. Facing this challenge, exploring and practicing activities were taken on how to ensure mass concrete construction quality for the first AP1000 unit at Sanmen site with the considering of the quantity of concrete more than 2000 cubic meters with single pour seldom applied on nuclear power project. Based on the analysis and calculation factors which influence the mass concrete quality, the measurement and methodology system of mass concrete quality assurance was developed through the path of administration and technical. Success experience obtained and the preset quality realized through several mass concrete project construction activities on site. This thesis mainly introduce the detailed measurements explored and practiced for ensuring mass concrete construction quality at Sanmen nuclear power project construction site. The success experiences were generalized and summarized.

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