While risk-informed in-service inspection (RI-ISI) program has been applied in several countries to enhance the traditional periodic inspection program (PIP), many other countries are waiting for more successful implementation experiences to be accumulated. Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC), the regulatory body of nuclear industry in Canada, became increasingly interested in the risk-informed decision making methodology. Several small-scale pilot studies on RI-ISI have been initiated by Canadian utilities during the past few years. Nevertheless, a RI-ISI methodology appropriate for the CANDU technology that can be accepted by the stakeholders has yet to be developed. The development of the RI-ISI methodologies derived from the PWR/BWR operating experiences is first reviewed, followed by an examination of Canadian periodic inspection standard CSA N285.4 and its evolution from a RI-ISI perspective. Finally several key technical issues and research needs in developing an advanced RI-ISI methodology for nuclear power plants are identified.

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