This paper makes a brief introduction on AP1000 operation procedure system, including procedure classification, function and composition. In addition, key points of work flow process and the advantages of AP1000 operation procedures are described, among which the application of CPS (computerized procedure system) on AP1000 operation area and human factor engineering are highlighted. CPS, as an advanced procedure system, which is relatively new to existing nuclear power plants in China, does not only have the function of electronic indication for procedures, but also have the ability to monitor plant data, process the data and then present the status of the procedure steps to the reactor operator. Moreover, based on current situation, this paper offers several suggestions on procedure development for Sanmen AP1000 nuclear power project, i.e. first, we can ensure the quality of operation procedures by preparing a precise writer’s guideline, a friendly-interfaced procedure template, an efficient work configuration and an appropriate schedule; then determine the way how we are going to use operation procedures in English version; finally realize CPS Chinesization and localization gradually by digesting and absorbing API 000 technology from Westinghouse Electric Company. This paper gives an intact and systematic discourse on AP1000 operation procedure system and its characteristics. Besides, the latter part of this paper focuses on development of AP1000 operation procedures for Sanmen nuclear power plant and it would be a worthwhile reference for newly-built AP1000 units in China.

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