A safety assessment code, DecDose, for decommissioning of nuclear facilities has been developed, based on the experiences of the decommissioning project of Japan Power Demonstration Reactor (JPDR) at Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute (now Japan Atomic Energy Agency). DecDose evaluates the annual exposure dose of the public and workers according to the progress of decommissioning of the plant, and also evaluates the public dose at accidental situations including fire and explosion. The public dose at normal situations during decommissioning is evaluated from the amount of radionuclides discharged from the plant to the atmosphere and the ocean. The amounts of radionuclides discharged depend on which and how activated and/or contaminated components and structures are dismantled. The amount is predicted by using the radioactive inventory given by the plant. The filtration efficiency of the ventilation system and decontamination factors of the liquid waste treatment system of the plant are also considered. Both of the internal dose caused by inhalation and ingestion of agricultural crops and seafood, and the external dose by radioactive aerosols airborne and radioactive deposition at soil surfaces are calculated for all of possible pathways. Also included in the external dose are direct radiation and skyshine radiation from waste containers which are packed and temporarily stored in the in-site building. For external dose of workers, the radiation dose rate from dismantling contaminated components and structures is calculated using the dose rate library which was previously evaluated by a point kernel shielding code. In this condition, radiation sources are regarded to be consisted of two parts; one is a dismantling object of interest, and the other is the sum of surrounding objects. Difference in job type or position is taken into account; workers for cutting are situated closer to a dismantling component, other workers help them at some distance, and the supervisor watches their activities from away. For worker’s internal dose, the radionuclide concentrations in air for individual radionuclides are calculated from a dismantling condition, e.g. cutting speed, cutting length of the dismantling component and exhaust velocity. A calculation model for working time on dismantling was developed using more segmented WBS (work breakdown structure). DecDose was partially verified by comparison with measured the external dose of workers during JPDR Decommissioning Project. The DecDose is expected to contribute to utilities in formulating rational dismantling plans and to the safety authority in estimating conservativeness in safety assessment of licensing application or risk-based regulatory criteria.

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