Effective delayed neutron fraction βeff and neutron generation time Λ are important factors in reactor physics calculation and transient analysis. In first stage of this research, these kinetics parameters have been calculated for two states of Tehran research reactor (TRR), i.e. cold (fuel, clad and coolant temperature 20°C) and hot (fuel, clad and coolant temperature 65, 49 and 44°C, respectively) using MTR_PC code. In second stage, these parameters have been measured with experimental method based on Inhour equation. For cold state, calculated βeff and Λ by MTR_PC are 0.008315 and 30.190 μsec, respectively. Same parameters in hot state are 0.008303 and 33.828 μsec, respectively. The measured βeff and Λ for cold state (reactor power is range of 100–200 Watt) are 0.008088 and 32.001 μsec, respectively. The calculated and measured values are in good agreement. Relative errors are % 2.8 for βeff and % 5.6 for Λ which are smaller than the other reported results.

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