At present, several programs for mass production of MOX bulk are on going. The MOX bulk is the capacity of the container to be used to generate MOX fuel. One of them is the selection of the vessel configuration for efficient evaporation of large amount of solution. Two types of vessel as shallow and cylindrical, are under examinations. The shallow vessel has been successfully cleared examinations in moderate running with no flushing, but the amount of products per batch is rather small. On the other hand, the cylindrical vessel is newly proposed with the intent of increasing the production capacity per batch, but has flushing the solution from the top of the vessel by the Microwave Heating (MH). Elucidation on the mechanism of dynamic behavior of the flushing and spilling is our purpose of study. It was carried out by designing a equipment which imitated the practical setup for microwave heating. A visual observation was conducted to clarify the mechanism of dynamic behavior on the sudden nucleation of the solution in the deep cylindrical vessel under MH. The experiment was continued by changing the height and the shape in order to perform the effect evaluation of the size and the shape of vessel.

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