Phosphorescence has been applied to measure the temperature. The intensity and the lifetime of phosphor depend on the temperature due to the quenching effect of the phosphor. In the present study, the temperature sensitive particles (TSParticles) with metal complex, phosphor molecules, were synthesized. TSParticles can be also particles for the particle image velocimetry. The particles were illuminated by a pulse laser at 20Hz. A high speed camera was applied to record 30 particle images at intervals of 25∼50 micro seconds (20∼40kHz) for each excitation laser pulse. From each series of images the velocity/temperature field was calculated. The TSParticle technique was applied to measure the velocity/temperature distribution of a water flow in a wire-wrapped rod bundle system, which briefly simulated the fuel rods system in FBR. The working fluid was water and the aim of this study was to contribute to an estimation and a certification of results of numerical simulation for the safety design of the FBR.

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