In the reactor design and analysis, there is often a need to calculate the effects caused by perturbations of temperature, components and even structure of reactors on reactivity. And in sensitivity studies, uncertainty analysis of target quantities and unclear data adjustment, perturbation calculations are also widely used. To meet the need of different types of reactors (complex, multidimensional systems), Monte Carlo perturbation methods have been developed. In this paper, several kinds of perturbation methods are investigated. Specially, differential operator sampling method and correlated tracking method are discussed in details. MCNP’s perturbation calculation capability is discussed by calculating certain problems, from which some conclusions are obtained on the capabilities of the differential operator sampling method used in the perturbation calculation model of MCNP. Also, a code using correlated tracking method has been developed to solve certain problems with cross-section changes, and the results generated by this code agree with the results generated by straightforward Monte Carlo techniques.

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