Results of experimental research of lead-bismuth heat-carrier stream velocity structure in the cross-section magnetic field at a varied content of oxygen admixture and characteristics of oxide electroinsulating covers are presented. Experimental studies were carried out for the following operation parameters: the lead-bismuth eutectics temperature T = 400–420 °C; thermodynamic activity of oxygen in the coolant a = 10−4–100; the eutectics flow rate through the experimental part Q = 1.8–3.0 m3/h, the coolant velocity in the experimental part w = 1.0–1.7 m/s; the magnetic induction value B = 0–0.85 T; the Reynolds number Re = (1,6–2,7)·105; the Peclet number Pe = 320–4600, and the Hartmann number Ha = 0–365.

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