In 2007–2008, the European Utility Requirements (EUR) works have been focused on volume 3 (evaluation of the available Gen 3 designs) and volume 4 (conventional island). The works on the AP1000 and AES92 subsets of the EUR volume 3 have been concluded at the end of 2007. The texts have been published and are now available for the EUR members and other utilities. The works on the EPR subset of volume 3 have resumed in 2007. A revision B is being produced for which representatives from ten EUR utilities and from Areva NP have been involved in the revision of the analysis of compliance. Meetings of the specific EUR coordination group in charge of this task have been organized every 4–5 weeks throughout 2008. The revised version of the EPR subset of the EUR volume 3 should be finalized around mid 2009. The revision C of the EUR volume 4 is now available after a thorough review has been performed within the EUR organization to make it consistent with the revision C of the EUR volume 2 published in 2001. A lot of preparatory material for a possible revision D of the EUR volumes 1 and 2 has been produced since 2002. Since important contributions are not yet available the decision to integrate this revision D is still to come. The EUR organization has kept enlarging: Energoatom, ENEL and Endesa have been welcomed as full members; CEZ and MVM are now EUR associated members. New LWR projects of potential interest for the EUR utilities are being contemplated. For instance a preliminary assessment of compliance of MHI’s APWR project has been worked out in the first months of 2008. Recently the EUR and ENISS organizations have decided to join their efforts in a collaboration scheme in which they will coordinate their positions and actions in nuclear safety with respect to the LWR Gen3 designs. The two organizations will cooperate in their relations with the other stakeholders, in particular with the IAEA and WENRA organizations. In addition EUR and CORDEL (Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing), which is a WNA (World Nuclear Association) working group decided also to coordinate their efforts for the industry benefit, in relation with the MDEP (Multinational Design Evaluation Program) initiative of safety nuclear regulators.

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