The start-up and shutdown processes are two important issues of the reactor control and operation for high temperature gas-cooled reactor plants. The analysis of thermal-hydraulic characteristics in these two processes can provide useful reference to the reactor design and manufacture, especially to the final establishment of the operation procedure. In this paper, according to the preliminary design of the 250MW Pebble-bed Modular High Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTR-PM), the start-up and shutdown processes are studied by the help of two computer codes THERMIX and BLAST. The key parameters of these two processes, including the reactor power, the core inlet and outlet helium temperatures, the primary pressure and flow rate, as well as the secondary water flow rate and the outlet steam temperature, are analyzed in detail. Moreover, some uncertainties, such as the adjustment of power and secondary water temperature in the start-up process, the flow rate adjustment between the primary helium and the secondary water in the shutdown process, etc., are analyzed to evaluate the influences on the key parameters. The analysis results indicate that the pre-established start-up and shutdown rules are reasonable.

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