A high-temperature stainless-steel sphere was immersed into Al2O3 nanofluid to investigate film boiling heat transfer and collapse of vapor film. Surface temperature is referred to the measured value of thermocouples embedded into and welded onto a surface of the sphere. A direct contact between the immersed sphere and Al2O3 nanofluids is quantified by the acquired electric conductivity. The Al2O3 nanofluid concentration is varied from 0.024 to 1.3 vol%. A film boiling heat transfer rate of Al2O3 nanofluid is almost the same or slightly lower than that of water. A quenching temperature rises slightly with increased the Al2O3 nanofluid concentrations. In both water and Al2O3 nanofluid, the direct contact signals between the sphere and coolant were not detected before vapor film collapse.

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