A new design of nuclear power plant (NPP) with pressurized water reactor “NPP-2006” was developed in Russia. It represents the evolutionary development of the designs of NPPs with VVER-1000 reactors. Horizontal steam generator PGV-1000 MKP with in-line arrangement of the tube bundles will be used in “NPP-2006”. PGV test facility was constructed at the Electrogorsk Research and Engineering Center on NPP Safety (EREC) to investigate the process of the steam separation in steam generator. The description of the PGV test facility and tests, which will be carried out at the facility in 2009, are presented in this paper. The experimental results will be used for verification of the 3D thermal-hydraulic code STEG, which is developed in EREC. STEG pretest calculation results are presented in the paper.

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