This work developed an Advanced Boiling Water Reactor (ABWR) feedwater pump and controller model, which was incorporated into Personal Computer Transient Analyzer (PCTran)-ABWR, a nuclear power plant simulation code. The feedwater pump model includes three turbine-driven feedwater pumps and one motor-driven feedwater pump. The feedwater controller includes a one-element / three-element water level controller and a specific feedwater speed controller for each feedwater pump. The performance tests, including inadvertent closure of all turbine control valves and one feedwater pump trip at 100% power, demonstrate the feasibility of dynamic response of incorporated model. Furthermore, a diversity and defense-in-depth analysis is performed to demonstrate the feasibility for motor-driven feedwater pump as an Emergency Core Cooling System (ECCS) automatic diverse back-up. In Lungmen Nuclear Power Plant (NPP), a diverse manual initiation means for the High Pressure Core Flooder (HPCF) loop C is designed as the back-up of digitalized Engineered Safety Features Actuation System (ESFAS). If the Motor-Driven Feedwater Pump (MDFWP) can be an automatic digital diverse back-up for ESFAS, Lungmen NPP would be more robust to defend against software common cause failure (CCF).

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