In this work, a model of Atucha II PHWR plant (which is under construction), for RELAP5 MOD3.3 code is presented. The implemented nodalization will be used for supporting probabilistic safety analysis, needed in the licensing process, commissioning and support to future operation. The main components and systems of the plant are presented, with their corresponding nodalization. The main characteristics of the plant are discussed, together with the adaptation of the nodalization in order to obtain a correct representation of the expected phenomenologies. Also an integral platform of data management is implemented. The system includes the entry of geometry and process data, their prosecution for calculations needed for the input data and finally the automatic generation of the code input. Then, a complete tracking of data is possible, from the corresponding referenced report to the input deck. This tool facilitates quality-assuring the model by an independent reviewer. The verification of information sources and documentation can be straightforwardly implemented. Finally, the obtained steady state is analyzed, and the main representative variables compared with their respective design values.

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