In the design of seismic category 1 buildings in nuclear power plants (NPP) or, outside the nuclear domain, in the conventional structural design of buildings, the seismic evaluation of these buildings may be done. In the occurrence of an earthquake in a NPP or in the case of changing the use of a conventional building, the seismic levels are modified. Then a new analysis need to be performed. This paper focusses on the situation where reinforcing the concrete building is needed and it also analyses how an extern reinforcement performed using polymers can be carried out to fulfill the new seismic requeriments. We present two main results: a) the resulting momentum-curvature diagrams obtained reinforcing standard segments embraced with polymers; b) the evaluation of the structure capacity on the basis of the modified diagrams. Finally, a modal pushover analysis is selected to perform the seismic evaluation of two types of concrete columns, those having a polymer reinforcement and those without it. This paper presents the basis of the subject in a theoretical form.

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