Ageing means time-dependent changes of the quality and design characteristics having existed at the time of an approval, and ageing may occur during the operating time of a facility. The management of equipment begins with an awareness that ageing is not about how old the equipment is, but is about what is known about its condition, and the factors that influence the onset, evolution and mitigation of its degradation. HANARO, the open-tank-in-pool type research reactor with 30MW thermal power, achieved its first criticality in 1995. The reactor power has been gradually increased to the full power reached in June 2004. Many activities for an ageing management including improvement of the reactor systems were conducted during 13 years. The in-service inspection plans, for the reactor structure and the safety related piping designed as ASME safety category III, were established and carried out. The preventive maintenance for the primary cooling system including the pumps and heat exchangers, the electric system was also performed. The safety diagnosis and reinforcement for an effective life management and insurance of the safety of the building structures such as the reactor building, stack, secondary cooling system equipment room and cooling tower in HANARO were performed. The upgrade of the instrumentation and control system has been carried out gradually since 2001. This paper describes the conducted ageing management activities and long term ageing management plan of HANARO.

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