In repair welding for nuclear reactor vessel, low alloy steels are affected by heat input during welding process. The conventional repair welding for wall steel constructions requires post weld heat treatment (PWHT) to achieve the desired microstructure properties. However, post weld heat treatment is very difficult for some structures in operating plants. In such case, temper-bead welding technique is available as a repair welding method. Temper-bead welding employs a multi-pass deposition of welding metal. Each layer of beads provides heat for thermal treatment of the previous weld bead or layer, which lowers hardness of the heat affected zone (HAZ) and improves mechanical properties like the toughness. Toshiba has developed underwater laser cladding and laser seal welding techniques for reactor components repair welding. In this report, some experimental results of laser based underwater temper-bead welding are presented.

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