The Doel 1 and 2 PWR Nuclear Power Stations are the oldest commercially operating units in Belgium and the last to replace their two Steam Generators. The Doel 2 Steam Generators were replaced in 2004 and those of Doel 1 will be replaced late 2009. The replacement poses a particular challenge as these are the only stations in Belgium requiring the creation of primary and secondary containment opening for the SG exchange operation. Other construction challenges result from the a-typical SG support configuration which dates from the period well before the more or less standardized support configuration as used for later PWR units. The current paper discusses the construction approaches selected to facilitate the exchange operation and to minimize the outage duration and radiation worker exposure. The main particularities of the construction effort concern the secondary containment opening and closing using a structural formwork assembly, the use of containment platforms hanging inside the primary containment allowing for parallel primary and secondary containment reconstruction and the de-activation of some of the primary coolant piping and SG restraints following the licensing acceptance of the Leak Before Break concept for the primary piping. The specific construction options that made the Doel 2 replacement a success will be presented in this paper.

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