Electricity is the engine for the growth of economy of any country. Total installed electricity generation capacity of Pakistan is presently approx 20,000 MW as given in Table-1. Despite this, almost 40% of the population is without electricity. Pakistan has been blessed with tremendous resources for electrical power generation with hydel, coal, renewable energy resources and Nuclear power. Hydel, coal potential of more than 40,000 MW and 10,000 MW are available but only 15% of hydroelectric potential has been harnessed so for where as only 150 MW power plant on indigenous coal has been set up. To exploit Pakistan hydel and coal resources for power generation large investments are needed which Pakistan economy can not afford. Govt. of Pakistan has created an organization of private power and infrastructure board (PPIB) to facilitate private sector in the participation of power generator. PPIB is tapping the resources and facilitating the private sector for establishment of power projects. Pakistan is collaborating with China for establishment of Nuclear Power Plants and plan to generate up to 10,000 MW by year 2025. Renewable energy resources are also required to be tapped. This paper will focus on the Pakistan power generation potential by utilizing local resources keeping in view the next 20 year supply and demand position.

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