In new Russian NPP with VVER-1200 reactor (V-392M reactor plant) in the event of an accident being due to the rupture of the reactor primary circuit and accompanied by the loss of a.c. sources, provision is made for the use of passive safety systems for necessary core cooling. Among these is passive heat removal system (PHRS). In the case of leakage in the primary circuit this system assures the transition of steam generators (SG) to operation in the mode of condensation of the primary circuit steam coming to SG piping from the reactor. As a result, the condensate from steam generators arrives at the core providing its additional cooling. To experimental investigation of the condensation mode of operation of VVER steam generator, a large scale HA2M-SG test rig was constructed. The test rig incorporates: tank-accumulator, equipped by steam supply system; SG model with volumetric-power scale is 1:46; PHRS heat exchanger simulator, cooling by process water. The rig main equipment connected by pipelines and equipped by valves. The elevations of the main equipment correspond to those of reactor project. The rig maximum operating parameters: steam pressure – 1.6 MPa, temperature – 200 Celsius degrees. Experiments at the HA2M-SG test rig have been performed to investigate condensation mode of operation of SG model at the pressure 0.4 MPa, correspond to VVER reactor pressure at the last stage of the beyond basis accident. The report presents the test procedure and the basic obtained test results.

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