The pilot implementation results for Regulatory Guide 1.200 identified four probabilistic risk assessment (PRA) technical elements that required additional guidance. One of these elements involved the use of fault tree technique to quantify the frequencies of support system initiating events (SSIEs). To address this technical element, guidelines were developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to provide a common industry approach for addressing the identification and quantification of SSIEs. The EPRI guidelines were issued as an interim report to allow trial use and pilot implementation by the industry prior to finalizing the guidelines. These interim guidelines provide an industry-consensus approach for addressing areas of concern in the development of support system initiating event models to ensure that the associated supporting requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) PRA Standard for internally initiated events are satisfied. A Pressurized Water Reactor Owners Group (PWROG) pilot implementation of the EPRI interim guidelines was conducted to determine whether the pilot participants have adequately addressed all areas of concern in the development of SSIE models. To determine this, a SSIE model currently used was selected by each of four the pilot participants and subject to detail review to demonstrate whether these models meet the expectations of the EPRI interim guidelines. The EPRI interim guidelines identified the areas of concern to be addressed in using fault tree technique to develop and quantify SSIE models. The guidelines addressed several areas of concern including the treatment of passive failures, the assignment of an appropriate mission time for primary and secondary failures, treatment of common cause failures (CCFs) between running and standby equipment, and consideration of all combinations of CCFs. The PWROG pilot implementation of the interim guidelines summarized the lessons learned and provided feedback to EPRI for consideration in finalizing the guidelines. In addition to the compilation of lessons learned, the PWROG implementation of the EPRI interim guidelines identified existing practices used to develop fault tree models for quantifying SSIE frequencies. Such practices did not necessarily follow a common approach and did not fully meet the expectations of the interim guidelines. Detailed reviews of the SSIE models currently in use at nuclear power plants (NPPs) for the pilot participants demonstrated that the elements of evaluation described in the interim guidelines were not addressed consistently among the PWROG pilot participants. Recommended improvements were identified and incorporated in the SSIE models to meet the expectations of the EPRI interim guidelines. The re-quantification of SSIE frequencies based on the recommended improvements, demonstrated that by not adequately addressing all elements in the evaluation, the SSIE frequency may be under-estimated.

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