One of the most dangerous beyond design basis accidents for all types of nuclear reactors is the loss of long-term heat removal from the core. In RBMK-type reactors, this initiating event, which can lead to the worst consequences, has significant probability to occur in comparison to other type of BDBA. The most effective accident mitigation measure in this case is “bleed and feed” strategy — similar as is recommended for other light water reactor types. In this paper the challenges, which are meet in case of cooling of overheated fuel channels in RBMK-type reactors, are discussed. The simulation results of BDBA using RELAP5/MOD3.3 code are presented. Accident management measures (de-pressurization of reactor cooling circuit and injection of water from non-regular water source) are evaluated in respect of dangerous pressure increase and thermal shock in fuel channels. These results were used during development of severe accident management guidelines for RBMK-1500 at Ignalina NPP.

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