The digital safety Instrumentation and Control (I&C) system has been developed and approved in Japan. Our digital I&C system has been applied to many non-safety systems and approved for full I&C system including a safety system. The fully digitalized I&C system will soon be in operation in a newly constructed plant in Japan. Based on this proven technology, the digital I&C system will be applied to the I&C system in the US-APWR. This digital I&C system is slightly improved and modified to conform to the U.S. codes and standards. The I&C system of the US-APWR has some specific features. The system consisting of four systems capable of diverse echelons can ensure defense-in-depth and diversity which also achieves countermeasure against software common cause failures. In addition, the I&C system has a four-train configuration that applies to the safety human-system interface systems, safety protection system and safety plant component controls.

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