This paper presents the performance of shutdown system one (SDS1) implemented on a programmable logic controller (PLC) within real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation. SDS1 evaluation is focused on steam generator (SG) level low trip scenarios. A comparison of the findings with simulated expected plant operation is performed. An Invensys Triconex Tricon v9 safety PLC is interfaced to a real-time nuclear power plant (NPP) simulation suite (DarlSIM), replicating the operation of the Darlington NPP SDS1. Design basis accidents (DBA) associated with SDS1 regulatory standards are developed and applied to the two simulation environments. HIL simulation is a preferred method for testing systems prior to installation and is necessary to ensure proper SDS verification and validation. The performance of the Tricon v9 PLC, the HIL simulation platform and the two simulation environments are evaluated.

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