Voloxidation is a potential process used to prepare fuel for spent-oxide-fuel treatment. The spent oxide fuel is heated to an elevated temperature in oxygen or air to promote separation of the fuel from the cladding. Low pressures are also required to enhance volatizing the fission products. The Idaho National Laboratory and the Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute have been collaborating on voloxidation research through a joint International Nuclear Energy Research Initiative project. The new high temperature multiple zone furnace and off-gas trapping system (OTS) are designed for remote operation in the Hot Fuel Examination Facility. The OTS is designed to handle vacuum, oxidizing environments, and high temperatures. Distinctive temperature zones of the furnace are used to selectively capture the fission products. Vacuum conditions at elevated temperatures are achieved by incorporating various metal seals. The OTS has proved durable under these aggressive operating conditions. A detailed description of the second generation furnace and OTS with enhanced capabilities will be presented.

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