3D visualization plays an important role in industrial CT inspection system. Though at present it is not widely used in CT inspection systems, 3D images betray more visual pictures, and can make easier observation. Taking 3D-imaging methods in other fields, such as medical or geological field, as references, this paper introduces three feasible imaging algorithms, contour connecting method, marching cubes, and an improved marching cubes method basing on distance function. These three methods are all suited to small quantity of slice images, which is accord with most industrial applications. Contour connection has the most directive approach of rending, but has some unsatisfied defects on edge extraction and edge connection. Marching Cubes is a classic method of 3D visualization; it is feasible and commonly used in many realms. However, applied in industrial CT inspection systems, there are still some discontented effects, such as fracture, in certain condition. Accordingly, an improved marching cube method that based on edge extraction is brought forward to conquer these defects. Compare of these methods is given in this paper, and implemental instances are provided as well. It is of importance for the development of 3D visualization in air container and luggage CT inspection systems.

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