New methods of information presentation and interface design are changing the working conditions in the modern Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) control room. Symptom-oriented EOPs (SOPs) with their structures and practical application are described. The Computerized Symptom-oriented Operating Procedures (CSOP) is researched, which can help the operator analyze all the symptom signals of steam generator tubes rupture (SGTR) and provide the computerized procedures corresponding to the symptom signals. This paper analyzes the accident of SGTR; the accident management of SGTR is important in reactor safety because SGTR is one of the relatively high-frequency events in pressurized water reactors PWRs. The symptom signals of SGTR and the possible accidents corresponding to the symptom signals are analyzed. The homologous measures of symptoms are summarized. The disposal of SGTR adopts the method of based on symptoms. The programs are developed by VxWorks that is a real-time operating system. The debugging of programs is processed on simulator. The test results indicated that the programs can provide operating procedures according to the symptoms of accidents. After adopting the Computerized Emergency Operating Procedures, the labor intensity and mental burden of operators are lightened. Computerized Emergency Operating Procedures can enhance the reliability, safety and efficiency of Nuclear Power Plant.

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