Molecular dynamics study on eutectic phenomena between two metal materials is performed for development of a new MPS-based code named ‘COMPASS’ [1] being developed for meso-scale analysis of core disruptive accidents in Sodium-cooled fast reactor. In this study, Cu-Ag system is simulated by classical molecular dynamics to provide knowledge on detailed mechanisms on the inception and extension of eutectic melting. Embedded Atom Method [2] which has been used in many studies associated with atomic behavior of metals is applied. First, melting temperature of solid solution of Cu-Ag binary system is investigated. The analytical result on the dependence of the melting temperature on the atomic fraction of Cu shows good agreement with the experiments. The melting behavior on the interface between two pure Cu and Ag slabs are then simulated. It is shown that the melting temperature at the interface is lowered depending on the local value of the atomic fraction there and is almost identical to that of solid solution with the corresponding atomic fraction.

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