CONSUL code package designed for the calculation of reactor core characteristics has been developed at the beginning of 90-th. The calculation of nuclear reactor core characteristics is carried out on the basis of correlated neutron, isotope and temperature distributions. The code package has been generally used for LWR core characteristics calculations. At present CONSUL code package was adapted to calculate liquid metal fast reactors (LMFR). The comparisons with IAEA computational test “Evaluation of benchmark calculations on a fast power reactor core with near zero sodium void effect” and BN-1800 testing calculations are presented in the paper. The IAEA benchmark core is based on the innovative core concept with sodium plenum above the core BN-800. BN-1800 core is the next development step which is foreseen for the Russian fast reactor concept. The comparison of the operational parameters has shown good agreement and confirms the possibility of CONSUL code package application for LMFR core calculations.

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