The most effective way to reduce the time to reach a radiotoxicity reference level is, probably, the transmutation of Minor Actinides with fast fission processes. The definition of a critical approach to justify GEN.IV nuclear facilities, as minor actinides transmuters, is the main topic of this work. In this direction, firstly the evaluation of the reference level best estimation was performed, followed by the qualitative and quantitative radiotoxicity evolution in the ICRP Recommendations, their impact on P&T chosen strategy and on US and European rules in order to preliminarily analyze industrial ADS burning capability. Computational tools used are MCNPX-2.5.0 and ORIGEN-2.2 codes in synergy with the state of art of internal dosimetry in ICRP Publications, 10 CFR Part.20 and 96/29/EURATOM. One order of magnitude difference between the radiotoxicity evaluated by the 10 CFR Part.20 (1994) coefficients and the radiotoxicity evaluated by the actual European rules coefficients was identified.

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