Two units of VVER-1000Mwe reactors are in an advanced stage of construction at Kudankulam, Tamilnadu, India. With a view to assess the capability of analyzing the physics characteristics of VVER cores, the IAEA CRP benchmark problem of Kalinin VVER-1000 MWe NPP [1] is studied using the indigenous code system EXCEL-TRIHEX-FA [2,3]. The lattice burnup code EXCEL is based on a combination of 1-D multigroup transport theory and 2-D few group diffusion theory. Nuclear data in 172 group WIMS-D format based on JEFF-3.1 [4] has been used in the present analysis. The core level calculations are performed using the code TRIHEX-FA which solves the 3-D multigroup diffusion equation using the finite difference method with fine triangular meshes. Power dependent feedback models for xenon, Doppler, coolant temperature and density values have been incorporated in TRIHEX-FA. Keff for the critical soluble boron concentration, assembly power distribution and axial power distribution are calculated as a function of fuel cycle burnup. In the present paper, lattice level results are compared with the results of other participants reported in Ref. [1]. The results of core level calculations have been compared with the experimental data provided [1].

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