The present paper reports experimental study on the liquid lithium (Li) target flow for the International Fusion Materials Irradiation Facility (IFMIF). Experiments on the Li flow were conducted with a liquid lithium circulation facility, with producing a 10 mm thick and 70 mm wide flat plane jet flow along a 70 mm wide horizontal straight channel at velocity of up to 15 m/s. The nozzle has a cross section of 1/2.5 scale of the IFMIF design. Free surface of the Li jet was photographed with using a CCD camera of wide dynamic range, and a stroboscopic light source. Variation of surface shape against velocity was revealed. In order to investigate the effect of the free surface wake generated at the nozzle corner on the surface shape, measurement of the thickness distribution and numerical calculation were attempted. Comparison between experimenral results, numerical calculation and a simplified model based on a ship wake showed that the surface wake generated at the nozzle corner had an insignificant effect on the surface shape of the D+ beam irradiation region in IFMIF.

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