PWSCC incidents of Alloy 600 in vapor phase environment of pressurizer have been confirmed at several PWR plants. Vapor phase of pressurizer is filled with vapor from primary water, and the inner surface is covered with liquid film. Chemistry of the liquid film may be different from primary water, and this may cause different PWSCC susceptibility. Therefore the chemistry of liquid film of vapor phase has been investigated using simulated mock-up tests, and PWSCC susceptibility of 152 weld metal and TT600 (SG tube) has been investigated under the chemistry of the liquid film of vapor phase and primary water. According to the result of the chemistry investigation tests using mock-up of pressurizer, the liquid film environment was evaluated as follows: DH2 concentration: 300cc/kg·H2O, B:150ppm, Li<0.1ppb, pH320°C:5.6 under the primary water chemistry condition is DH2 concentration:30cc/kg·H2O, B:1950ppm, Li:3.7ppm, pH340°C:6.9. DH2 concentration of the liquid film is ten times higher and pH is lower than that of primary water. PWSCC susceptibility tests have been performed under the environment of the liquid film and primary water. No PWSCC crack propagation of 152 weld metal is confirmed in vapor phase environment. Crack growth rate of TT600 in vapor phase environment of pressurizer is not particularly high compared with that in primary water environment. It is confirmed that Alloy 690 (152 weld metal) has no PWSCC susceptibility under vapor phase environment of pressurizer. The difference of PWSCC susceptibility for Alloy 600 between vapor phase of pressurizer and primary water environment is not significant.

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