The review of the water regime used for the Units of Paks Nuclear Power Plant was carried out in 2005, after 18 – 23 years of operation. It was clearly concluded after processing the huge data base of the water regime, that there is nothing to prevent the life time extension of the Units. In 2006, a new water regime was developed that will be applied during the preparation for the life time extension and the extended service life as well. In connection with this work, recommendations were made for some modifications of the previously used water regime. Currently there is no uniform startup and shutdown water regime for WWER-440 Units. Therefore, special attention was paid to developing of a startup water regime, which will be applied for the outages as early as 2008. The summarised recommendations for water regime modification will be subject to international expert review in 2008, and the modifications judged to be implemented will be finalised after the review.

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