Sustained heating experiments are in progress to investigate the boiling configurations and to quantify the heat removal rate at the upper surface of a metallic layer in case of late in-vessel coolant injection. Pure Zinc is used as the simulant of metallic layer and bottom heating via catridge heater plate is adopted to simulate the heat transfer from the oxidic pool. The test section is rectangular shape having 0.3m in width and 0.5m in length. The scoping test was performed. In the scoping test, the height of melt pool is 10cm and the temperature of the test section bottom was intended to be controlled for maintaining the uniform temperature of 500°C. The scoping test results indicate that the melt pool effectively cooled down via boiling heat removal without energetic melt coolant interaction. The heat removal rate was calculated by 456.27kW/m2 ∼ 516.3kW/m2 which confirms the effective boiling heat removal in the scoping test.

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