A lumped parameter model was developed to study dynamic performances of plate-fin recuperator in high temperature gas-cooled reactor with direct helium turbine cycle (HTGR-GT). For the core heat capacitance of recuperator was far larger than heat capacitance and thermal flow rate of helium, it was reasonable to ignore the influence of heat capacitance of fluid on dynamic characteristics of recuperator and develop the lumped parameter model with infinite core heat capacitance. The model was solved by four-order Rounge-Kutta method, considering the influence of temperature on helium thermal properties. Based on the lump parameter model, transient response of outlet temperatures of recuperator was analyzed when step and ramp changes of inlet temperatures of recuperator took place in hot side, as well as mass flow rate of recuperator. Transient responses of the core temperature and outlet temperatures of helium were also analyzed while power was regulated in course of normal operation and total electric load was rejected from full power.

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