In Korea, the nuclear power generation is grown technically well. Already, 20 nuclear reactors are operated, and approximate they supply the 40% of whole the consumption of electric power. This is the driving force of Korean industrial development. Besides, Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant that was developed by Korean self-technique with nuclear plant technique independence, Ul-Chin 6 has started the commercial operation. Advanced Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant, new Gori 1, 2 constructions are commenced. But, past days Korean situation is that intention of residents is neglected in the decision making process of nuclear power plant construction and operation. In existing decision making process, it is regarded as the role of public opinion is secondary, and the problem of decision making process is that public is persuaded and believed. So, in decision making process, the public opinion is considered restrictively, there is not the actual public participation. Therefore the dissatisfaction of public is increased continuously, and in Korea, bad recognition about nuclear power is getting full. The method of public participation for complement of this problem is public hearing or ombudsman system. The public hearing is ensuring public participation before decision of a case, and ombudsman is the system that elevates the public satisfaction through continuous feedback of public requirement to occur in deciding and performing the matters. In Korean situation, that present 20 nuclear reactors are operated and also the place of radioactive waste repository has been decided, not only the introduction of public hearing to decide the coming matter but also the operation of ombudsman system to continuously correct and collect the public requirements about the matter to already decided and operated is necessary. In Korea, administration type ombudsman is operated now. But, it has operated without basic element at the aspect of organization, function and phase. So it is not established a firm phase as right relief body to be believed by public with lack of independence, authority and specialty. Therefore the establishment of organization that can be the role as special ombudsman organization about sensitive and special matter like nuclear matter is necessary. Definite establishment element of ombudsman system is to introduce of congress type ombudsman element, to be permanent standing system ombudsman, to limit jurisdiction extent and have strong authority, to be able to access easily, to be composed of legal and nuclear specialist. One of important requirements of resident is compensation. So, based on the resident compensation theory about aversion equipment, ombudsman system should be established introducing the insurance theory through risk management as functional background for appropriate compensation.

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