Extended tests on fuel behavior in Reactivity Initiated Accidents type were carried out in the Annular Core Pulse Reactor (ACPR). The tests were performed in a specially designed capsule filled with 7 liters of water at atmospheric pressure and at temperature of 25 C. The fuel specimen is of CANDU design with 10 fuel pellets and 10% U235 enrichment. The tests aimed to establish the clad failure threshold. Over 40 tests were carried out. The fuel behavior during the transient was modeled with the RELAP5-SCDAP computer code. Clad temperatures recorded during the tests were compared with clad temperatures predicted by the RELAP-SCDAP code. Some tests in ACPR in RIA conditions are presented. The paper includes recorded temperatures compared with the RELAP-SCDAP calculations, as well as the RELAP SCDAP models. Put abstract text here.

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