The intent of this paper is the presentation and discussion of a methodology for the evaluation and analysis of seismic loads effects on a nuclear power plant. To help in focussing the presented methodology, a preliminary simplified analysis of an integral, medium size next generation PWR reactor structure (IRIS project, an integral configuration PWR under study by an international group) was considered as an application example also for models/codes evaluation. The performed preliminary seismic analysis, even though by no means complete, is intended to evaluate the method of calculating the effects of dynamic loads propagation to the reactor internals for structural design as well as geometrical and functional optimisation purposes. To this goal, finite element method and separated (sub) structures approaches were employed for studying the overall dynamic behaviour of the nuclear reactor vessel. The analysis was set up by means of numerical models, implemented on the MARC FEM code, on the basis of Design Response Spectra as indicated on the relevant rules for Nuclear Power Plants (NRC 1.60) design. The seismic analysis is indented to evaluate the dynamic loads propagated from the ground through the Containment System and Vessel to the Steam Generator’s tubes.

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