In the next generation neutron sources the HLM (heavy liquid metals) such as lead, lead based eutectic alloys and mercury will be used both as spallation target material and simultaneously as the cooling liquid. In this aspect the design of safe and effective pumps for HLM recirculation at high pressure heads and big flow rates becomes important. For this purpose electromagnetic inductions pumps having no problems of hydraulic seals being in contact with liquid metal (electromagnetic forces in the liquid metal are induced by magnetic system located outside of the channel of pump) are more perspective from the point of view of their safety for operation at high temperature and radiation conditions in comparison with mechanical pumps. At the Institute of Physics of University of Latvia (IPUL) the design concept of electromagnetic induction pumps basing on the principle of rotating permanent magnets (PMP) have been developed. Such design concept of electromagnetic induction pumps has many advantages in comparison with traditionally used electromagnetic induction pumps basing on 3-phase linear flat or cylindrical inductors. The estimations of parameters of powerful pumps (such as overall dimensions of the active magnetic system, power of motor needed for pump drive, the efficiency of pump) for mercury for the developed by pump pressure heads in the range up to 10.0 bar and provided flow rates in the range up to 20 litres per second are demonstrated.

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