The nuclear spent fuel transport and storage cask is used for transport of the spent fuel from a nuclear power station to an intermediate storage facility. Leak tightness and subcriticality on transportation required from IAEA TS-R1 [1] have to be assured by a 9m drop test and its numerical simulation. This paper describes the drop test using a full-scale prototype test cask. The test was conducted by German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM) at their test facility in Horstwalde, Germany and comparison of the test result with the “MH1 (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.)” numerical simulation using LS-DYNA code. The drop orientations of the tests were slap down and vertical. From the drop test the following is demonstrated: • The leak rate of He gas after the drop tests satisfied the IAEA’s criteria. • The numerical simulation which modeled the cask body enabled dynamic response such as acceleration and strain of the cask body. This means the simulation method qualified the relation of dynamic response of the cask body and leakage behavior.

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