Comprehensive reformation of the regulatory system has been introduced in Japan in order to apply recent technical progress in a timely manner. “The Technical Standards for Nuclear Power Generation Equipments”, known as the Ordinance No.622) of the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, which is used for detailed design, construction and operating stage of Nuclear Power Plants, was being modified to performance specifications with the consensus codes and standards being used as prescriptive specifications, in order to facilitate prompt review of the Ordinance with response to technological innovation. The activities on modification were performed by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA), the regulatory body in Japan, with support of the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES), a technical support organization. The revised Ordinance No.62 was issued on July 1, 2005 and is enforced from January 1 2006. During the period from the issuance to the enforcement, JNES carried out to prepare enforceable regulatory guide which complies with each provisions of the Ordinance No.62, and also made technical assessment to endorse the applicability of consensus codes and standards, in response to NISA’s request. Some consensus codes and standards were re-assessed since they were already used in regulatory review of the construction plan submitted by licensee. Other consensus codes and standards were newly assessed for endorsement. In case that proper consensus code or standards were not prepared, details of regulatory requirements were described in the regulatory guide as immediate measures. At the same time, appropriate standards developing bodies were requested to prepare those consensus code or standards. Supplementary note which provides background information on the modification, applicable examples etc. was prepared for convenience to the users of the Ordinance No. 62. This paper shows the activities on modification and the results, following the NISA’s presentation at ICONE-13 that introduced the framework of the performance specifications and the modification process of the Ordinance NO. 62.

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