Environmental qualification testing was performed on a modified Limitorque torque switch for the torque switch safety functions in the Limitorque type SMB actuators located inside and outside containment in a nuclear power plant. The torque switch specimen was installed in a Limitorque SMB-1 electric actuator mounted on an 8” Velan gate valve and operated with a customized programmable logic controller to allow normal torque switch behaviour to be observed. The present paper describes the qualification testing performed. The modified torque switch was aged to a 30-year service life at the normal service conditions for both inside and outside containment. Aging included radiation, thermal and cycle aging. A seismic test and then a combined Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) and Main Steam Line Break (MSLB) steam accident simulation were followed. After each stage of aging, functional tests were done to confirm normal insulation resistance, normal contact resistance and normal operation.

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