In the nuclear energy field, there are so many difficult things that even people who are working in this field are not much familiar with, such as, Dose evaluation, Dose management, etc. Thus, so many efforts have been done to achieve the knowledge and data for understanding. Although some data had been achieved, the applications of these data to necessary cases were more difficult job. Moreover, the type of Dose evaluation program until now was ‘Console type’ which is not easy enough to use for the beginners. To overcome the above causes of difficulties, the window-based integrated program and database management were developed in our research lab. The program, called as INSREC, consists of four sub-programs as follow; INSREC-NOM, INSREC-ACT, INSREC-MED, and INSREC-EXI. In ICONE 11 conference, INSREC-program (ICONE-36203) which can evaluates on/off-site dose of nuclear power plant in normal operation was introduced. Upgraded INSREC-program which will be presented in ICONE 14 conference has three additional codes comparing with pre-presented INSREC-program. Those subprograms can evaluate on/off-site Dose of nuclear power plant in accident cases. And they also have the functions of ‘Dose evaluation and management’ in the hospital and provide the ‘Expert system’ based on knowledge related to nuclear energy/radiation field. The INSREC-NOM, one of subprograms, is composed of ‘Source term evaluation program’, ‘Atmospheric diffusion factor evaluation program’, ‘Off-site dose evaluation program’, and ‘On-site database program’. The INSREC-ACT is composed of ‘On/Off-site dose evaluation program’ and ‘Result analysis program’ and the INSREC-MED is composed of ‘Workers/patients dose database program’ and ‘Dose evaluation program for treatment room’. The final one, INSREC-EXI, is composed of ‘Database searching program based on artificial intelligence’, ‘Instruction program,’ and ‘FAQ/Q&A boards’. Each program was developed by using of Visual C++, Microsoft Access mainly. To verify the reliability, some suitable programs were selected such as AZAP and Strardose programs for the comparison. The AZAP program was selected for the on/off-site dose evaluation during the normal operation of nuclear reactor and Stardose program was used for the on/off-site dose evaluation in accident. The MCNP code was used for the dose evaluation and management in the hospital. Each comparison result was acceptable in errors analysis. According to the reliable verification results, it was concluded that INSREC program had an acceptable reliability for dose calculation and could give many proper dada for the sites. To serve the INSREC to people, the proper server system was constructed. We gave chances for the people (user) to utilize the INSREC through network connected to server system. The reactions were pretty much good enough to be satisfied. For the future work, many efforts will be given to improve the better user-interface and more necessary data will be provided to more people through database supplement and management.

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