Recently PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) system which consists of high-speed cameras with 1k × 1k pixels and 2 kHz in frame rate and high-repetition rate and high-power double-pulse lasers has been developed. Previous PIV system is difficult to visualize the sequential instantaneous images in high-speed flow because of low frame rate as 30Hz and was used to apply to periodic flow and steady flow. According to this latest PIV system, it is possible to acquire high-speed flow of 1 msec consecutively. This camera system is called “Dynamic PIV system” or “High-Speed PIV system”. Also in PIV it is possible to capture two-consecutive images for about a micro-second to use the frame straddling technique. But in latest high-speed camera it has limitation because dead time which is to flush the charged electron perfectly is longer and it has a several micro-seconds. This purpose of study is to develop the new Dynamic PIV system which is possible to capture the two-consecutive images for less than dead time. Furthermore it is applied to the high-speed mist jet flow with 50m/s in order to elucidate this system.

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